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Outside Of Chiropractic

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Chiropractic care is extremely helpful to a lot of people, but what happens when treatment isn't working?

When this happens, we typically recommend adding another type of therapy to help. We recommend massage therapy, physical therapy, dry needling, or acupuncture. There are benefits to each one and Dr. Gebaide will typically give you her recommendations on which to use.

Massage therapy is a great substitute for stim therapy. Massage therapy can increase blood circulation, relax the muscles, improve range of motion, and increase endorphins. This will help with your treatment, and you can also use it as maintenance.

Physical therapy allows for a personalized treatment to improve movement, blood flow, and work on soft tissue. They use dry needling, stim, or manual therapies similar to us.

Dry needling, as we mentioned in our previous newsletters, is extremely beneficial because it brings blood flow into a specific area to help with healing. This will help reduce pain, trigger points, and release spasms. It takes about 15 minutes, and although there are different techniques, we've been told that Dr. Gebaide has a gentle touch for it.

Acupuncture is known for helping with stress and sleep, but what we haven't spoken about is battlefield acupuncture. Battlefield Acupuncture look like little earrings on your ear and we typically give this to patients that are experiencing a lot pain. The really cool thing about it is that you can tap your ear every time you feel pain, to almost "reactivate" it and reduce the pain.

*Fun fact- "battlefield acupuncture was developed in 2001 by Air Force Dr. Niemtzow, who was seeking to streamline treatment to quickly reduce pain in a fast-paced environment like during a deployment."*

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